• To achieve the best result, we must develop artwork files do you need to supply in the correct format.
  • We’ll help provide Artwork proofs and We’ll send you a digital proof before your product decoration commences.
  • We’ll provide a “Mock-up” of the logo applied to the product as a visual of how the final product will appear.


Artwork Format we require

  • Artwork Specifications- This should be completed and sent with your art
  • We accept Mac and PC formats on floppy disk, zip and Jaz disk, CD and email. If e-mailing, please indicate the job name or description in the subject line and send the specification sheet with the order.
  • Preferred format is Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop 6 TIFF or EPS file (saved preview), and Quark 4.11 file. Be sure to include the printer and screen shot Fonts.
  • We also accept Corel Draw 10 (PC), PageMaker 6.5 and Freehand 10 if programs are used.
  • Fonts should be converted to curves/outlines.
  • All files used (layouts, EPS’s Tiff’s) should be included on the disk in high resolution. (300 DPI)
  • Images should not be embedded in the document.
  • To view any PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader please visit to download program. Any PDF files please e-mail to this address (artwork files only):
  • Include a hard copy print of design for visual reference

Artwork Tips

  • Our art team is always willing to work with you to make sure your artwork looks amazing on whatever item you choose.
  • Consider how the artwork will appear on the required product i.e. square logos can be very small when reduced to fit on pens.
  • Avoid having very complex logos at small imprint sizes – the smaller the logo the higher the chance the detail will fill in/be lost.
  • Avoid having important artwork close to the trim/finish edge of products
  • Some Legendary products have multiple forme cut areas which need to have a ‘bleed’ assigned to them (templates are available).


Screen Printed, Laser Engraved or pad printed Orders

  • Digital artwork to be supplied in MAC or PC-formatted EPS files created in Adobe Illustrator (version CS6 or lower) or a high-resolution PDF.
  • Where possible supply artwork to the imprint area allocated to that product.
  • Ensure that all text/fonts have been created to outlines/curves to avoid font problems.
  • Colour up artwork to the pantone colours to be printed (Solid Coated swatches).
  • Logos for laser engraving to be supplied as solid Black (this will be the ‘engrave’).
  • We cannot use placed images or jepgs – all artwork must be fully editable vector graphic.
  • Gradients and percentages of colour cannot be engraved, or pad printed.
  • Where logos have percentages of a colour – a solid pms colour must be assigned to each percentage








How to Send your Artwork

Digital Files

  • After you have placed your order, an option is provided to immediately upload your art files.
  • If you don’t have your art files at that time, you can also reply to the confirmation e-mail you receive and attach your art file to the e-mail, or use the link provided in the e-mail to upload them.
  • This ensures that we can match your artwork to the specific order you’ve placed.

Hard Copies

  • After you have placed your order, e-mail address will appear on the order confirmation screen – just be sure to refer to your order number.

Forgot To Send Your File

  • Graphic Designer will to contact you promptly after your order is placed & email your files at that point.

Send Special Instructions

  • There is a box for special instructions on the delivery page. Feel free to give us any information you think we need.
  • Remember, artwork preparation is FREE, and you’ll receive a digital or e-mailed (your choice!) mockup for your approval – FREE – prior to production.

Accepted File Types

  • We can accept anything: e-mailed art, faxed art, or mailed hard copy. Just send us what you have, and we’ll work with you on the rest.
  • Keep in mind that to keep your order moving as fast as possible, we prefer to receive vector file formats.
  • Note: Changing the file name to a vector file extension will not change the file type.

Preferred Vector File Types:

  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps
  • AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator) Convert text to outlines, embed any linked images
  • CDR (Corel Draw) Convert text to curves.

Non-Preferred files

  • DOC, PPT or PUB (Microsoft Office Files)
  • Embed or include fonts
  • BITMAPS (.jpg, .tif, .pcx, .gif, .png, .bmp)

How to Convert Text to Outlines

  • If working in Illustrator or other graphic programs, you will want to convert your text to outlines prior to sending the file.
  • This ensures that your font does not get substituted and we will be able to keep your artwork exactly as you submit it.
  • To do this, you will want to go up to the menus at the top of the Illustrator program. Click on “Type” and go down to “Create Outlines”.
  • You may also select the artwork and press Ctrl + Shift + O. Save and send us the file.

Full Colour Artwork


  • Your file must be at least 300dpi or vector art. If your image is below 300dpi, please do not simply increase the resolution.
  • This will result in a very blurry, pixelated image. Ideal full color artwork will be 300dpi or higher at the size it will be printed.


  • The bleed area runs along the edges of your document. You will want to extend any background image or color all the way to the edge, and slightly past it, to prevent any white borders from showing.

Web Images

  • When images are taken from a website, they are typically 72dpi. This resolution is not high enough for printing purposes.
  • You may also run into copyright restrictions when using web images and therefore we do not recommend using these in your artwork.
  • The only exception would be if the image was purchased from a stock photo website at a large resolution.

Variable Data

  • Variable data to be supplied in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, 1 row per variation.
  • The longest name/entry will dictate the font size to be used. Barcodes can be generated in sequential numerical order.


    • It is of the utmost importance to approve paper and product proofs as soon as possible to meet delivery dates.
    • If approvals are delayed, rush charges and/or expedited freight may be required at the customer’s expense to meet a specified delivery date.
    • Requests for paper proofs must be in writing on the PO or factory will produce the order per artwork sent using standard guidelines.
    • Paper proofs must be approved within 24 hours of receipt to hold production schedule and inventory, except for rush orders. All orders requiring typesetting require a paper proof.