1. How do I get a quote?

  • The price of the item will be current on the web site.
  • We can issue a firm written quote with the product code of the item and decoration details.

2. How do I start the order?

  • We require our quotation form to be signed or an official company order to be issued to commence the order.
  • Customer artwork needs to be issued in the correct format and with all print colour details.

3. I want to change my order?

  • Orders can be changed after an order confirmation and before the artwork approval is signed.
  • Once artwork approval has been signed, then costs will be been incurred and charges and the amount will need to be reimbursed.

4. Set-up Cost?

  • This is a one-off fixed fee which covers preparation ready to commence decoration.
  • This fee is included in the total cost.
  • If the order is repeated a reduced cost is included if the logo details are the same as the original order.

5. What does total cost include?

  • We include the cost of the product and decoration logo onto the product.
  • We include set-up decoration cost
  • We exclude Freight and Artwork costs

6. Payment Terms?

  • For new orders, we ask for a 30% deposit and balance payable when the goods are ready for delivery.

7. Price on Website?

  • We use a standard decoration approach for products on the web site
  • Additional items include GST, Delivery costs and additional decoration fees such as extra printing and this is quoted separately.

8. GST?

  • Always an additional fee of 10% to any quoted price

9. Is decorated Logo included?

  • We include the standard recommended decoration for every product.
  • We will offer alternative options for decoration as required and this will involve a special quotation.

10. Product Samples?

  • Depending on the sample request cost range from (Free of Charge to list price on web site plus cost of freight.
  • Samples a paid for in advance depending on the value involved

11. Artwork?

  • The general approach is for the customer to supply the artwork as an EPS illustrator file that is ready for decoration.
  • We can assist in preparation of artwork if it cannot be provided and there is a fee depending the amount of time required.
  • 15 Minutes is $35.00
  • 30 Minutes is $60.00
  • 60 Minutes is $100.00

12. Artwork Approval?

  • This is an official document that is presented on all orders and is required to be signed prior to commencement production of the order.
  • The artwork approval form will have all the order details, sizes and a diagram of the product showing the logo for decoration that requires customer approval.