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Give Life to Phones Everywhere With Branded Power Banks 

For many people, power banks have saved their lives more than once. Maybe not literal life-saving, but avoiding catastrophic situations by restoring the battery to their phones. A power bank is the new best friend of busy workers, travellers, and anyone who’s on the go for work & life. 

Call us crazy, but it seems that as mobile devices get more technologically advanced, their battery life seems to get shorter and shorter. That’s what’s paved the path for power banks to emerge as an extremely valuable promotional tool that’ll never go unappreciated. They are a genuinely useful device that brings peace of mind and prevents stress and panic. 

Whether you’re looking to hand out promotional power banks to staff members as a way of saying thank you, or to customers as a way of providing value, we have an enormous range here at Value Added Promotions. And if you’re looking to spoil people with the latest technology, we recommend the fast-charging power banks for the ultimate promotional tool. 

Fast-charging power banks 

Power banks come in all shapes & sizes, wired & wireless, fast-charging and slow. We stock all variations of branded power banks here at VAP, so there will always be something to suit your business needs and budget. The smaller devices, which are a lot more affordable, tend to charge slowly. Some offer a full charge, while others don’t even offer that (they’re still a huge help though!) 

Fast-charging power banks are the latest in charging technology and allow users to charge their devices quickly and easily. The phone just died before a big Skype meeting? No worries. Need to catch an Uber and you’ve just run out of battery? You don’t have to be stranded for too long. Fast-charging power banks provide immediate value. 

What is mAh? 

When shopping for personalised power banks you’ll find them categorised according to mAh. This refers to how much charging power is built into the power bank. The higher the mAh, the more charges the power bank can give before needing to be charged itself. 
At Value Added Promotions we have power banks up to 12,000+ mAh, meaning they can charge the average phone around four times before needing to be recharged. We also have more affordable, smaller 2,000+ mAh power banks for businesses that want to provide value but don’t have it in their budget to splurge on luxe products. 

Why use branded power banks 

Promotional power banks are an extremely useful tool for so many different audiences. These are just some ways you can use branded power banks to provide value in people’s lives: 

  • Hand them out to students, who will be eternally grateful for a way to charge their devices throughout a long Uni day, 
  • Frequent travellers (either work or leisure), who rely on their phones when moving between destinations will forever be indebted for a power bank, 
  • Gift your employees with a power bank that they can use at work or at home. All too often charging cables are being exchanged around the office, and this is a great way to say thank you. 

We’re offering 20% off our entire range of portable promotional power banks for the month of September. All can be personalised and branded with your company logo, and you’re free to choose from the latest technology and fast-charging power banks to the smaller devices