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9 July 2018

Home Collection Branded Accesories

A selection of cheese varieties and crackers or biscuits is a stable of most dining events, whether served as an appetizer before a main meal or with wine after dessert. Cheese platters can also be presented as a standalone mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack with fresh fruit and dips. Cheese boards are a popular entertaining option because they are quick to prepare and allow for guests to graze at their leisure. With cheese-making becoming a popular hobby, a cheese selection is a great way for guests to sample local produce. One of the challenges of cheese boards is that different types of cheese require different tools to enable convenient slicing and eating. Cheese boards with cutting utensils are popular for that reason and here are a couple of our favourites:

  • Simple but stylish enough to match any decor, this three piece cheese board set is made from rubber wood and supplied in a white gift box. Easy to clean, the cheese board comes with utensils for handling soft and hard cheeses.
  • Ideal for personalising with a logo, this laminated cheese board is made from eco-friendly bamboo and comes with three stainless steel cheese slicing utensils. Packaged in a two part gift box it includes a cheese slicer, cheese knife and hard cheese knife.

The popularity of cooking shows has encouraged people to recreate restaurant meals in their own home. They have also highlighted the need for quality cooking equipment and accessories to not only make meal preparation easy but for meal presentation to also be restaurant standard. With open plan living now the norm, guests are able to see and be involved with the food preparation so hosts want their meal preparation equipment to look as good as their tableware. It’s easy with these stylish and practical chopping boards:

  • Ideal for personalising, this cutting board is made from bamboo. It features an integrated handle to make usage and carrying easier. Bamboo chopping boards are a popular choice for home chefs because it not only looks good but is also proven to be less likely to allow bacterial growth. Our bamboo chopping board is presented in a gift box.
  • The current trend is for slow-cooked shredded meat in burgers and salads rather than the traditional patties. Pulling or shredding meat can be done quickly and easily with this chopping board meat claw / BBQ fork set. When shredding meat, use one claw to hold the meat and the other to shred. The claws can also be used for tossing salads. The six prongs on each of the forks are sharp for effective meat shredding and have clear protective covers. The set includes two meat claws and is presented in a retail inspired gift box.

Chopping boards and cheese boards make ideal promotional items for businesses in the food, drink and entertaining industry. Your brand won’t be relegated to within a user’s home, it will be displayed at parties and taken to bring-a-plate events. Let your customers share your business with their friends and colleagues via chopping boards and cheese boards branded with your logo. We make adding your logo to cooking accessories easy, and get your promotion into motion.