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Think Honey Promo Products. Save the Bees. Bees are essential for a healthy environment and healthy economy. Customers buzzing about your brand whilst raising awareness about declining bee population with promotional bee products.

Save Bees with Promotional Products

Get your customers buzzing about your brand and raise awareness about the declining bee population with promotional bee products. Bees are essential for a healthy environment and healthy economy. They exist in all climates around the world, but populations are falling at an alarming rate. From loss of flower meadows, to diseases, climate change and use of pesticides.

We have a range of Australian Honey products that are sourced locally. We need Bees, during the summer there is an average of 35/40,000 bees in a hives, where as in winter this falls to around 5,000. Bees pollinate in a large amount of plants we eat in order for us to have a nutritious diet. It’s not just us that depend on bees for survival, many species of animals who eat fruit or berries rely on insect pollination. Honey Bees can visit 50-1000 flower in one trip, helping provide habitats for animals and other insects.

Today we want to focus on how honey can help us look and feel younger and even more gorgeous than we already are (if that’s even possible!). Honey’s major benefit is its rich antioxidant content, including phenols, enzymes and compounds such as flavonoids and organic acids. Antioxidants slow down and expel harmful molecules that can damage cells, cause ageing, increase heart disease, strokes and cancer. Raw honey has long been used to heal wounds, as an antiseptic, and to rejuvenate the skin. It is though that some of the chemicals contained in honey actively eradicate bacteria and fungus. When applied to the skin, honey can act as a protective barrier to moisturise skin and stop wounds from sticking to dressings, whilst simultaneously providing nutrients and other chemicals thought to speed healing.

Nutrient rich honey has been used for thousands of years due to it’s medicinal and health benefits. We offer a series of skin care and overall health products that are packed full of goodness that honey provides. Hands that are hard-working – we have Ben’s Bees Manuka Hand Cream. If around your mouth and lips are sore from the cold weather, we have Ben’s Bees Organic Lip Balm, and if the whole body needs some care, we have Bees Body Butter.