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It’s no surprise that digital marketing has taken over as the primary marketing method used by businesses today. Thanks to its affordability and efficiency, digital marketing enables businesses to reach a wider audience and promote their products/services much better than using old-school marketing techniques. But that doesn’t mean you should rely solely on digital marketing to expand your business. There are still tried and tested marketing methods that don’t involve digital mediums and one of them is promotional products.

Promotional products are still relevant because people love receiving free items. Like with digital marketing, promotional products are cost-effective and efficient, provided that you know how to utilize them properly. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can integrate promotional products with your online marketing strategy to help bring more awareness to your brand.

1. Use promotional products to attract more visits to your website

You can use promotional products to encourage both potential and existing customers to visit your website. To do this, you can hand over items with an imprinted URL of your company’s landing page. Back then, tracking the effectiveness of promotional products can be quite difficult, but when you put a unique URL as a landing page to the items you’re giving away, you can monitor how many people visited your website.

Simply hand over the promotional items at exhibits, conferences, trade shows, and other related events. Promotional products are also great for growing your company’s social media page. Just add your page’s URL onto the items and you can generate a fair amount of likes and engagements.

2. Encourage your audience to answer surveys about your company

Surveys are a great way of getting feedback from your audience. But not everyone is inclined to answer a few questions, so why not motivate them by using promotional items as an incentive? All they have to do is complete the survey and they get a free gift from your company. This works great if you’re planning on launching a new product or if you’re looking to improve on your services as a whole.

3. Get more users to sign up with your mailing list

Out of all the marketing channels available, email remains at the top of the conversion rate. It allows you to pitch multiple products, notify subscribers of new blog posts, and deliver traffic to your website on a regular basis. There are a number of ways you can build your email list and one of them is by using promotional products.

Every time someone signs up for your mailing list, you can give away a promotional item that’s related to their interests. This demonstrates immediate value in the eyes of your subscribers and makes them more interested in what you have to offer. That way, they’ll be more likely to actually read your emails instead of just ignoring them in their inbox.

4. Encourage customers to buy more from your website

Whenever a customer makes a minimum purchase on your website, you can send promotional items as a gift. Say for example a customer is looking to purchase two t-shirts. You can encourage them to buy another shirt by including a free travel mug when they purchase three t-shirts. It’s a nice incentive that will definitely get customers to buy more from your website and help boost your sales altogether.

To generate even more attention, you can announce this promo over on your social media pages to let people know that you’re giving away a free item when they meet the minimum purchase requirements.

5. Run a contest on your social media pages

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the perfect channels to use promotional products. Many businesses run contests on their social media pages in order to generate likes and engagement from their target audience. The key here is to use a high-quality product that will actually get users to join the contest like a branded power bank if you’re running a tech website or a fitness tracker if you’re in the health and fitness industry.

To make the contest more interesting, you can also reward the winner with a discount code when they purchase on your website. You can do a lot with promotional products when running contests on social media pages. Just make sure the mechanics are clear and the product you’re giving away actually resonates with your target audience.

While digital marketing is far and away the best method of marketing your business, that doesn’t mean you should totally scrap out other marketing techniques. When used correctly, promotional products can help boost your brand’s awareness and get more people involved with your brand. By using promotional products alongside your online marketing strategies, you get the best of both worlds and set your company up for even more success.