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In tough times the Promotional Products industry gets going.

Customers are looking for value for money and alternatives to traditional below-the-line media campaigns in a cluttered market. Historically, in tough times, promotional product spending increases as often marketers can run 20-50 times more targeted niche promotional product campaigns and generate tangible results at a much lower overall cost.

  1. A gift with purchase can be more powerful and engaging customer with an exciting offer in comparison to offering the tradition discount. Consumers appreciate a tangible Value-add as part of a well planned campaign that offers creativity and impact.
  2. Beware of green “Eco” campaigns that don’t  reduce the carbon foot print in an effort to save money. Engaging environmentally friendly products display appropriate labelling and constitutes a green product that is meaningful to the consumer and shouldn’t be an area of cost cutting.
  3. Well established niche marketing campaigns are well equipped to survive tough economic times.
  4. The most common mistakes with promotional product campaigns are having a lack of brand relevance. Customers may like the product but if it not consistent their brand message then the campaign could be a waste of money. The advertising needs to be a well constructed campaign to obtain a response from the customer.