Designing Promotional Products

  • When attracting customers our approach is to design something unique and promotional products will cost you much less than other advertising. A design should capture the something for everyone with a message for your customers and a call to action.
  • Value Added Promotions can, produce samples and mock ups for new concepts with a real WOW Factor.

What We Offer

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Custom Mock-up

  • To get started on custom mock-up we’ll need your logo in a suitable size to fit the desired decoration you require.
  • We’ll create a mock-up that demonstrates how your logo will fit into the product area and how the product looks as a line drawing.
  • The mock-up will be visually appealing and will showcase your logo.

Product Design


  • T-shirt design needs to have real a retro feel when arranging a special event.
  • The use of colours is important for wearable products such as hats and caps where we suggest tans/bone /natural/beige and suitable materials.

Logo Design

  • Our designers will create a logo that captures the essence of your brand and bring it to life.
  • Our logo design team will focus on refreshing the brand by maintaining the
    equity built in and create an innovative promotional product.


  • We always seek photographic images high resolution to get the best results in any reproduction and for use in decoration of promotional products.
  • Our design team can combine several images and files to create a professional result.
  • Photographic images with great texture and depth gives work best use in decoration of promotional products.
  • A good high-resolution photograph true feeling unique artwork can be printed on a variety of products. elegant designs.
  • A blurry photograph screen print on a t-shirt gives a poor reflection of the brand and we would not recommend this approach.