Trade Shows

Set your objectives
Measure results from trade show events as research shows 71% of exhibitors fail to set objectives. Carefully constructed objectives can help measure the show’s benefit to the sales department
Qualifying prospects is a lot more than having a fish bowl to collect business cards and hoping for numerous qualified leads. Use a tracking/contacting sheet for each contact, Use a barcode
scanner at your booth, Tracking sheet should list key qualifying questions to ask the prospect, Attach the prospects business card with sales persons comments attached to the sheet
Creative message-Invitation to your booth, Direct mail piece-to creates attention. Send out an invitation to all of your customers and highlight your booth Number/location in the hall and
letting them know when the trade show /exhibition is on time and deeper-show promotion can determine your success or failure at trade shows.  If your key customers a not aware you're
going to be at the show, then they will not be aware of your booth? Over 70% of attendees reported receiving less than FIVE exhibitor invitations to the show beforehand! 'Personal Prospecting.
By personalizing your letter both with their name and a legitimate business reason, you'll increase your odds of getting a visit. Additionally, they asked that the letter provide them with a compelling reason to visit.

We can design a coupon/Invitation. Redeemed a coupon at your trade show booth when you drop into our booth. Present your invitation and receive a gift choice of under $10.00 Gifts.

Eye catching display Material & Uniforms At Value Added Promotions we can help with many forms of eye catching displays, staff uniforms. Staff Uniforms and Dress for success-dress everyone, company colour & style (tie/scarves/polo/cap) your salespeople walk around and featuring your company logo.
Set up Appointments with your top clients at the Trade show Choose more expensive incentive top clients delivered at schedule meeting-sit down representative.Face-to-face editor meetings are a key part of the media relationship-building process. Trade shows are the only marketing medium that brings prospects to you. In the field your salespeople can meet with three or four prospects a day. At a trade show they can meet with15, 20, or even more.
Prospects to your booth Key criterion for determining trade show premiums is to assure there's a strong connection to the brand. For example, companies who are market leaders then failing to provide items that support their positioning experience a real brand disconnect with customers.
Think of premiums as 'Branding Premiums' designed to physically represent the brand while increasing.
Booth Competition Confectionery on the trade show table-Clients appreciate them and reduce barriers. Marketing ROI..Poorly conceived "incentives" do little to promote your brand or make you memorable in a meaningful way to your prospects.
When the show is over; the work is not finished.80% of leads generated at trade shows are never followed up on. To avoid this, you must create a system of lead tracking after the show; organize your contacts in categories such as: low-hanging fruit (ready to buy now). Maybe interested in about six months. Not worth pursuing.

Promptly after the show follow up with all prospects, starting with the hottest..Follow up to remind them about the mutually agreed-to action items and you'll improve your results. InBooth Competition.

Value Added Promotions can arrange for an “In-Booth Competition” to gain leads, more business cards and this a guaranteed strategy to generate many face to face conversions

1.    Exchange a business card for a scratch ticket
2.    High win ratio of prizes (1 in 3)
3.    Prizes given out from the booth
4.    Have a Grand prize drawn by the exhibition organizer to gain
       further exposure