We understand that product samples are required to narrow-down the selection process before an order can commence.

We also want to make this process as easy as possible and allow you to inspect the quality of the product.

A Sample Under $5.00

Value Added Promotions provides each customer with one free sample up to $5.00 with free one (1) product, providing the total value is less than $5.00 plus GST.We also provide additional samples for an additional cost

Samples between $5.00 plus GST
but less than $50.00 plus GST

Required to make pre-payment is required prior to dispatch. Once the samples have been returned or an placed an order
we will happily refund.

Samples over $50.00 plus GST

Required to make pre-payment is required prior to dispatch. Once the samples have been returned or an placed an order. We request that product is returned in original packaging to enable a credit.

How many samples

We provide one samples one free promotional product sample and an additional cost are subject to your requirement. Let’s talk. request additional samples, but there will be a charge for every extra sample you order beyond your initial sample

Requesting a sample

Call or e-mail our customer service team a for request a sample of your product. Tell us color and code number of the product you require.

Existing Customers Samples

Client who have ordered with Value Added Promotions before can have any sample, sent out free of charge if the total value does not exceed $50.00 plus GST.

Existing Customers: Return period without charge

Please return these samples within a 21-day period to avoid within the time invoice being charged to your account.

Locally decorated Samples

We provide pre-production samples for local orders under customer request and costs will be incurred therefore a discussion will occur with our sales consulate.

Overseas Custom-made Samples

We provide pre-production samples for custom made order orders from overseas at no cost. The sample is part of the full order and we want to enable you see a fully decorated product for approval. There is no cost if the sample is approved without changes however a cost applies if a second sample is requested and the order details have changed

 Regular freight

We use regular freight company with delivery normally the next business day in Metropolitan areas however if special Express freight is required then our sales consultant will confirm if additional costs are incurred.