Our Overseas Process

01. Sourcing
Find almost any Promotional Product

02. Price
Deal directly with a factory in China and speed of quotations

03. Quality Assurance
Every order is inspected by our international company.

04. Efficiently
By dealing directly with factory
the delivery process is more efficient.

05. Customisation
We incorporate the latest new ideas and innovations into our product.

Our Sourcing Process

Express Overseas

  • Faster servive and turnaround times, by request – 4 weeks

  • Minimum order quantity – listed by each item

  • Sample times – 10 days

  • Production times – 30 days Artwork – To be supplied or we can assist

  • Value Added Promotions can manufacture new products and customise product directly in our overseas factories.

  • Our experience can benefit you in creating unique product solutions for your customers.

  • With our experienced team, Value Added Promotions can offer you professional advice, competitive pricing and an efficient turnaround time.

  • We pride ourselves on reliable and cost effective delivery of any promotional item as your “one stop shop” for sourcing products.

Global Sourcing Worldwide

  • Our sourcing dept has over 25 years of experience dealing with global procurement.
    We have built strong relationships with our factories to achieve the best results in terms of delivery times, competitive price and quality.
  • Procurement Best Practices cost-effective marketing methods, technological innovations and consistency in quality.
  • Our sourcing reaches far beyond our factories in china.
  • With decades of experience in global procurement we have built strong relationships around the world. This enables our sourcing department to make strategic decisions and provide unique options and generate endless possibilities.

Buying Power

  • We achieve economy of scale with consistent orders and combine freight to achieve reduced cost structure.
  • Our buying power comes from longstanding relationship with numerous overseas strategic factory partners and cost effectiveness of consolidation with 20 years of ordering.
  • Remarkable purchasing power leads to prioritized production and incredibly competitive prices. In combination with our worldwide partners we are a supply chain recognised around the world.
  • All of the benefits this status brings is applied to any custom project we produce for you.

Product Innovation

  • What makes a promotional item truly creative? If you can make your tech-savvy customer say, “wow, that’s new, then you know you’ve found a unique and exciting item as Consumers are being bombarded with messages so great to receive something new and different.
  • A good well-structured promotional campaign is impactful and has clear objectives. The campaign theme grabs your attention, be High visibility, desirability, a perceived value greater than the actual cost of the campaign and the tie-in to the brand strategy.
  • We are always searching for the latest new products and working with our overseas partners for innovative ideas to build into our product range.
  • We are working directly with our trusted affiliate suppliers in China, we can ensure a quicker turn around, and creative development to create.
  • We are addicted to innovation and are always on the search for the newest and coolest products in the market. Our team travels around the world to gather inspiration and ideas.
  • We treat every custom project as though it were our own and provide step by step help and guidance to ensure your project is a success.

Quality Control

  • Commitment to Quality Our quality assurance with ISO9000 product testing and safety standards at the factory-level continual product inspection.
  • Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of products sold by the suppliers.
  • Suppliers must meet all applicable recognised voluntary industry standards for supplier products and processes. We have regionally based certifiers conduct analysis and audit processes on product quality and compliance.
  • Testing Expertise ISO9000 laboratory testing of product safety and meeting Australian Standards for all types of promotional products, including toys, electrical, general merchandise items, and more. We guarantee an inspector on-site and deliver detailed test reports prior to overseas shipment.
  • Our inspection, we guarantee an inspector on-site and deliver detailed inspection reports of goods products in overseas factories to meet our customer requirements and the regulations of your destination market.
  • Our QA Processes, monitoring ,supervision of production and factory quality assurance standards for all production runs.

Product Safety Responsibility

  • Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of products sold by the suppliers.
  • Suppliers must meet all applicable recognised voluntary industry standards for supplier products and processes. We have regionally based certifiers conduct analysis and audit processes on product quality and compliance

OH & S

  • Our factories shall provide safe working environment which prevent accidents and injury.
  • Any health issues, linked with, occurring during work because of the operation of employer facilities will be investigated and mitigated against any future recurrence.

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacture of Promotional Products

  • Value Added Promotions seeks to make a positive difference through by the responsible sourcing of products and services and our ways of working within the business. We are dedicated to a humane, lawful, safe working environment and promote ethical manufacturing of promotional products
  • We can have committed to ethical sourcing that adheres to international standards and sourced in a responsible manner, as well as seeking to help suppliers improve their social and environmental practices.
  • Our sub-contractors are assessed against their management of ethical and responsible sourcing risks and are required to demonstrate compliance to Value Added Promotions Ethical Sourcing policy.
  • Ethical Clothing manufacturing, Value Added Promotions complies with local textile, clothing and footwear legislation within Australia and around the world.

Safety, Compliance & Quality Control

  • One of the things we pride ourselves on is our attention to detail in ensuring your custom project is setup for success. This includes a team of safety and compliance experts to guide you through any applicable regulations to make sure you and your customer are protected.
  • We also have a fifteen point inspection procedure, ensuring your project is analyzed and examined form precision and quality.

Environmental Obligation

  • We seek out suppliers committed to environmental responsibility. We ask each vendor about their own ’in-house’environmental practices (e.g. waste reduction), environmental certifications and information on the specific kind of materials they use in manufacturing their products.
  • Environmental Standards- Eco-conscious premiums create less waste and enforce your brand’s value.

Child Labour Policy

  • Sub-contractors must verify the workers age and record keeping must include evidence of workers proof of age. People are not employed at an age younger than 15 (or 14 where the law of the country manufacture allows) or younger than the age for completing compulsory education in the country of manufacture where such an age is higher than 15.
  • Our workplace code of conduct defines labour standards that aim to achieve decent and humane working conditions. Our code’s
    standards are based on International Labour Organisation standards and internationally accepted good labour practices, by following the Fair Labour Association standards and the Promotional Product Association International standards.

Member of APPA-Australian Promotional Products Association.

  • Value Added Promotions has been a member for over 25 years APPA – we are proud members of the Australian Promotional Products Association since 1993. Through our membership of APPA, we maintain a code of conduct as a supplier and keep up-to-date with the latest industry product standards.
  • (APPA) is the only professional trade association specifically for the promotional products and promotional marketing industry in the Australasian region. APPA was established in 1986 and incorporated in 1988.
  • (APPA) promote the development, integrity, professionalism and creativity of the advertising form dedicated to promotional products and promotional marketing ensuring good business practices and the highest industry and community standards.