On-Line Warehouse program

  • This customisation we develop client website parties front end and ordering system for our customers. 
  • Our Catalogue Programs of marketing material and merchandise
  • We customise what we do to the needs of each client.


  • Value Added Promotions offers a complete end to end service including warehousing and storage,
    pick & pack, distribution and online reporting.
  • We offer inventory and pick’n’pack orders for dispatch to customer branches.
  • Our On-Line ordering is linked to a custom website with shopping cart facility, inventory management and third-party logistics

Outsourcing packaging campaigns

  • We offer kitting and packaging services to our customers. Value Added Promotions takes responsibility for producing multi kit packs by location by product and arranges the delivery to customer branches.
  • Inventory Online Catalogues We commence with website design, stock management for immediate
    on-demand fulfilment. We offer a complete end-to-end System thorough purchasing, warehousing,
    inventory control and dispatch.

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Fixed price per unit and significantly reduces your expenses.
  • One-Stop-Shop where Value Added Promotions will produce the goods and delivered in the exact amount in kits to separate locations.
  • Save money on process, labour and packaging cost of materials included such as cartons and tape.
  • When outsourcing fulfillment services, we deal with all shipping and the best delivery times to meet your deadline.
  • Our quality control measures allow accuracy, efficiency, and security for every campaign.
  • Outsourcing fulfillment allow you to focus on your business
  • Our fulfillment distribution streamlined processes, using software and latest technology to comply with requirements of the supply chain.
  • Fulfillment companies have tried and proven methods to more efficiently and accurately process your orders. It is their primary focus to do so.

Tasks involved

  • Receiving Process – Inventory is received
  • Order Purchase and booking
  • Order Confirmation
  • Inventory Order Status
  • Order Changes
  • On Demand Printing (personalised documentation, Printed envelopes, Printed Labels etc)
  • Pick and Pack
  • Dispatch