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The promotional product landscape is ever-changing and the items that are most popular this year might not have the most fanfare the following year. Consumer preferences and behaviour shifts much like trends do. With these changes, it’s important to make necessary adjustments in order for your promotional products to remain effective.

Our customers are increasing now the millennial generation and buying habits are tell us that relationships matter. Value Added Promotions undertakes a responsible sourcing policy and services, and our ways of working within the business. We are dedicated to a no child labour policy, humane, lawful, safe working environment and promote ethical manufacturing of promotional products. We have an extensive range of enviro products, sustainable product range eco-friendly promotional products; items boost your overall marketing strategy by demonstrating your brand’s values. These include, range of organic plants grow kits, seeds, recycled which are made from a range of recovered materials all. PET Lanyards and caps.

While most companies are going digital with their marketing efforts, promotional products still have their place. They take up a large chunk of the market and when used appropriately, can elevate a brand’s identity to the next level. In Australia, the promotional product industry accounts for more than $1 billion annually, suggesting that companies should incorporate swags and technologies to their marketing strategies.

One survey revealed that 80% of consumers love receiving free items and more than half of them keep the promotional products. Around 70% of the recipients said that they recalled the brand upon using the item and would consider doing business with the company. With such large percentages, it makes sense to utilise promotional products to get your brand name out there.

As the new wave of products make their way into the year 2020, let’s look at some of the trending items that you can use to further increase your brand’s awareness. At Value Added Promotions we are always seeking the latest technology products. So, we have developed a new range of power banks allow them to keep their phone running all day or while you’re travelling. Listening to your music any time anywhere to go, so we have introduced a new range of high-tech items portable Bluetooth speakers to take the music experience to next level. In 2020, We know people take their health and wellness very seriously as the majority say this an say important part of their life. The top three aspirations for 39% of millennials are to stay fit and healthy. We have developed products around staying hydrated and we have introduced many new models of drink bottles. Introduced new models of gym towel and new forms running and active wear apparel.


It’s no surprise that kitchenware gets the nod for the trendiest promotional products in the coming year. Printed oven mitts, mugs, potholders, and tote bags are some of the common necessities inside a kitchen and are usually the last things people throw away, even if they acquire it for free.

Plastic kitchen timer in the shape of an egg with a sixty minute duration. Digital kitchen scales here is a modern classic, perfect for printing your clients corporate logo or promotional message and featuring a  LCD display scale weighs in 1 gram increments. Kitchen Scrub Brush cleaning pots and pans etc. Has the added feature of a detergent reservoir with push button activation.

Most people spend a healthy portion of their time cooking meals each day and this presents an opportunity for them to recall your brand when using these promotional items. The latest aprons are now a fashion statement offering a variety of different washes and finishes. Durable enough for the rigors of the line, this apron features a pencil pocket, right hip pocket, and a complementary suspender set. Reinforced stress points and double-needle stitching means this apron was built to perform.

Eco Desk Accessories and Office products

Office products will also experience plenty of longevity. Things such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and memo pads won’t go away for quite a while, especially if your target audience is more towards the corporate side. Desk accessories are also effective way of keep your brand and call to action around the office. Your customers need constant reminder of your products and services, with your contact details phone and web site when they need to find your company. Products need to be useful everyday and part of office, Calculators, Calendars, Card Holders, Desk Clocks, Counter mats for point of Sale, Notepads, Rulers, Sticky note pads, stationery sets, Journal note books, desk caddies and many more. Increasing customers are wanting Eco desk accessories made of recycled materials or natural products like bamboo. Eco-friendly and sustainable products appeal to younger users.

While many views climate change as a subjective topic, there’s no denying that the subject has a massive number of followers. As the debate about climate change heats up, many will start to look for eco-friendly and sustainable products in hopes of reducing its impact. In recent years, the move to “green” has influenced the promotional product industry and will certainly be the trend this upcoming year.

Recycled notebooks, tote bags, journals, and water bottles are some examples of eco-friendly promotional items. If your target audience consists of a younger demographic, then choosing products that are green and sustainable will catch their attention.

Attractive colours and patternsGearing towards Millennials and GenY recipients.

Shifting the attention towards millennials and even the GenY users might prove to be a smart move. Innovative, unique, and functional promotional products are highly favoured by these generations. Today, plenty of millennials occupy the workforce around the globe while the GenY are slowly introducing themselves. Millennials have demonstrated sound financial-making decisions over the years, and this can prove valuable when selecting the right promotional products.

For both generations, consider giving away useful, sustainable items that bring value to their everyday lives. This can be in the form of a spill-resistant mug or a handy power bank. Innovation, experience, and value are the things that draw the attention of both millennials and GenY the most so keep this in mind when choosing promotional items.

Quality versus quantity-How to Choose

When it comes to promotional products, nothing beats quality. You can hand over cheap, inferior items as much as you want, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t boost your sales or expand your social media following. Recipients tend to hold on to well-made products because they associate good quality with trustworthiness. With cheap items, they won’t even think twice of disposing them which puts your marketing dollars to waste and so products should last at least 12 months in the market place.

This means you should prioritise the quality of your promotional products over quantity. This will help maximise the product’s effectiveness and your brand will be reputable by your target audience.We recommend looking at recipient customer base and choose quality of product accordingly. In the building industry, bulk branded products are freely given to workers, next level maybe the architect and project managers and they receive a useful higher quality technology product and the owner or CEO level receives the highest quality leather wine sea. Our customers want good quality items last longer and fair value for money.

Ladies Active Wear-related products are on the rise

Look around and see how many fitness centers are in your area. There’s a good chance you’re surrounded with 2-3 gyms, meaning more and more people are looking to get fit and active. Promotional products within the fitness niche are going to skyrocket in the coming year and some fine examples are fitness bands, phone arm straps, and the like.

New seamless technology is designed to increase movement and designs but reduce the need for seams. Ladies activewear – AVA Nylon/Spandex Jacket for before and after your work out. Spandex very strong stretch, slim fit, zip through with side pocket with zipped. Contemporary thick waist band, fashionable sporty finish and 3/4 length.

Choosing the right promotional products

Before you order thousands of promotional products, it’s important to know that these trends are just that; trends. They come and go like waves and the last thing you want is to get carried away. Think about which product resonate the most with your brand and which items will generate the most interest from your consumers. Handing out products that aren’t related to your brand isn’t exactly a good idea and you’ll most likely end up wasting precious resources.

If you’re unsure about which promotional products to use, go for the tried-and tested ones such as t-shirts, mugs, caps, and pens. As you discover more about your clients, you can introduce new promotional items that line up with the your brand. The (3) Components in the selection process are firstly, your vision and setting the objective in relation to your target audience. Secondly, Develop a checklist of your requirements and finally, consider the overall marketing strategy and how the promotional products integrate into the overall campaign.