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Make Jaws Drop With Promotional Virtual Reality Headsets & Goggles

A good promotional tool is one that adds value to the customer, allows them to remember your brand or business, and provides a unique unforgettable experience. We reckon virtual reality headsets tick all three boxes and more. If there’s one promotional tool that’s getting people excited this year, it’s branded VR headsets.

Most people think of virtual reality as a faraway elusive concept and haven’t considered the many options out there. They look at the Oculus Rift and $800 HTC Vive and figure the entertainment of virtual reality is unattainable. But there is a huge collection of amazing virtual reality headsets and goggles out there, and using them as a promotional tool is a great way to build excitement, value, rapport, and a relationship between your brand and audience.

These are just a few promotional virtual reality goggles & headsets that can be personalised and branded. They’re not as out there as an Oculus Rift but they’ll provide just as much entertainment and value.

DIY cardboard virtual reality headsets

These cardboard headsets can be branded with a colour logo of your business, and are quick and easy to setup and use. With a DIY element involved, the headsets are interactive and engaging. A folded cardboard piece is put together to build the goggles, you insert your phone into a slot, load a VR app, and look through the lens to explore the virtual reality world.

Premade cardboard virtual reality goggles

These goggles come in a small box and are pre-built and ready for immediate use! More suited for larger screen smartphones than the above, this VR headset is available in both 25mm or 37mm lens sizes and also can be branded with a colour logo. A much sleeker and more polished headset than the first.

3D virtual reality headset

This is a more luxurious virtual reality headset, with a fully adjustable lens position and adjustable head strap. Cushioned with soft foam, the goggles are comfortable so you can experience virtual reality for as long as you like. Easy to use with phones and VR apps, you can also watch 360 degree videos from YouTube with this headset! Again, you can brand this headset with your company logo on the front.

Ultimate virtual reality headset

This is a seriously good VR headset and makes for a fantastic and incomparable promotional tool. The plastic VR headset allows you to adjust the distance between your eyes and the phone, includes soft rubber for comfort, ventilation holes, and soft PU to protect your nose. Magnification with this bad boy is 3x, and it can also be branded with a colour logo of your business.

Promotional VR goggles

These are just some of the branded VR headsets and goggles we have available here at Value Added Promotions. Whether you’re looking to share an experience with your audience or to use VR for a brand activation, we have quality products that showcase your brand logo and provide value. For the month of September we’re offering 20% off any of our promotional virtual reality headsets, browse our complete range now.