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Wireless Earphones: Promotional Earbuds For the Future.

The latest technology to jump onto the wireless wagon are earphones. Ever since Apple decided to do away with their headset jack, the trend has been growing amongst manufacturers and earbud makers everywhere. It’s surprising that it took so long for wireless earphones to hit the market, they solve so many issues and improve the listening experience so much that you’d think someone would have thought of them sooner.

If you’re still handing out promotional wired earphones, it won’t be long before you’ll have to make the switch over to wireless. And your customers will be so much better for it. In a promotional landscape where brands are handing out branded material that’s high-tech and offers value, you have to do the same to stand out.

Here’s how promotional wireless earphones are offering more value to consumers of all ages and demographics, and why they make a great promo tool.

1. No more tangled cords

A lot of earphones lose their life early because the wires get tangled in people’s bags or bend the wrong way for too long and become damaged. There’s nothing worse than hopping onto public transport and discovering your earbuds are failing, and that’s one issue you won’t have to deal with wireless earphones. No wires, no tangles, no knots, and no having to hold your earphones in a certain position to get clear sound.

2. More phones, less headphone jacks

The latest mobile devices are being released without the headphone jack. A sad loss that signifies the progression of humanity to new and better technologies, no headphone jack means your customers cannot use wired earphones. If you’re handing out traditional earbuds as promotional material, there’ll be less and less people who are able to use them. Eventually, it’ll be as if you’re handing out branded floppy disks.

3. Freedom to move

A lot of the time, earbuds get in the way of activities like running and exercising. The fact that they can only be a certain length away from your phone makes it difficult to move freely. Wireless earbuds are connected via bluetooth, so your phone can be anywhere within reason and you’re free to move freely without the limitations of wires and cords. This makes wireless earbuds an especially great promotional tool for businesses in the health & fitness or performing arts industries.

Promotional wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are just as versatile as traditional earphones when it comes to being a promotional tool. You can hand out printed earbuds with your company colours or logo, personalised wireless earphones for special events and occasions, and more. At Value Added Promotions we have a range of promotional wireless earbuds and earphones, ready to put a smile on your audience’s faces.

Let your brand stand out as being at the forefront of technology and promo with a quality set of branded wireless earbuds. For the month of September, we’ll offer 20% off the listed price of any of our promotional wireless earbud range. Get in now and get your customers listening in time for summer